My Conversation with John Warrilow, “Author of Built to Sell”

My Conversation with John Warrilow, “Author of Built to Sell”

I recently had the opportunity to share my entrepreneurial journey with John Warrilow, author of “Built To Sell.”


My professional passion, love, … obsession is helping business leadership teams get what they want from their organizations. While I draw from my own experiences every day, it’s not often I share my entrepreneurial journey with a broader audience.

Founding and growing a business is full of ups and downs, excitement and stress, opportunity and risk. My journey had a happy ending, when I sold the business, joined the acquirer, and was afforded more opportunities to learn and grow.

In sharing my experience, my hope is that I touch just one entrepreneur out there and provide another light to help them find their way to what they want.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • We all have ups and downs in business.
  • If the strategy isn’t working, change it.
  • Why an earn out should never be tied to your employment contract.
  • The definition of personal risk tolerance and how to know when you’ve reached it.
  • The metrics around how many pitches you’ll have to make to get a term sheet.
  • One little known reason companies make strategic acquisitions.

I dedicate this to all the other entrepreneurs, authors, mentors, leaders, and teachers who have shared their experiences – my journey was only possible because of their willingness to be vulnerable, open, and real.

Listen to the full audio of the interview in the weekly Built to Sell Podcast.


About Josh Holtzman

Josh Holtzman is an entrepreneur and business coach (founder of Chute CXO) based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Josh founded and grew a leading professional services firm, which he then sold to a national player, and together grew and sold the firm a second time to a global publicly traded IT services company.

Adopting EOS was a key turning point in Josh’s career as an entrepreneur. He is passionate about giving back to the entrepreneurial community by helping other entrepreneurial leaders strengthen their businesses using EOS.

If you would like to learn more about implementing EOS within your organization, contact Josh for a free discovery session.

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